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This page has important information about

Covid-19, our Release of Liability and "Balloon Information ". 

Please read it completely to make your ballooning experience 

safer and much more enjoyable.

By showing up and participating in your scheduled hot-air balloon ride with Hot Air Balloonatics LLC, you and the members of your same household/party understand, acknowledge, and assert:

  • You have read the following COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS, PASSENGER BRIEFING AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, or someone has read it to you, and you understand the information presented.

  • You choose of your own free will to participate in a hot-air balloon ride with the knowledge that hot-air ballooning is a safe sport with potential safety risks that could result in injuries or death.

  • You have disclosed to the Pilot prior to your hot-air balloon ride information about any existing physical limitations and/or ailments of concern such as bad hips, knees, or back, since a high-wind landing could worsen your existing conditions.

  • You have disclosed to the Pilot prior to your hot-air balloon ride if you are pregnant. 

  • You release Kari and Anthony (Buzz) Biernacki, Hot Air Balloonatics LLC, their affiliated hot-air balloon ride operators, and all Crew from any and all liability associated with preflight, flight, landing, and chase crew activities.

If a passenger is a minor, the minor’s parents and/or guardian assert(s) he/she has/have read this COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS, PASSENGER BRIEFING AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, and consent(s) to allow the minor to take a hot-air balloon ride and  participate in ballooning activities, and releases  Kari and Anthony (Buzz) Biernacki, Hot Air Balloonatics LLC, their affiliated hot-air balloon ride operators, and all Crew from any and all liability associated with preflight, flight, landing and chase crew activities.


Hot Air Balloonatics LLC has implemented safety precautions in accordance with the New Mexico Department of Health’s latest Public Health Order and pertinent COVID-Safe Practices as mandated by the Governor of New Mexico.  Our goal is to protect you, our Crew, and ourselves during our time together. 

If on the morning of your scheduled hot-air balloon ride you suspect you or anyone from your same household/party might be contagious with COVID-19 or if you are experiencing any of the below-listed symptoms, please send a text to this number (505) 934-7253 to advise the Pilot you are cancelling your hot-air balloon ride and do not show up at the designated meeting location.  Under this circumstance, you will not be charged a cancellation fee or penalty for last-minute cancellation. 

o Fever                                             o Sore throat                   o Chills

o Cough                                           o Headache                      o Repeated shaking with chills

o Shortness of breath                   o Muscle pain                  o Loss of taste or smell

By showing up at the designated meeting location for your scheduled hot-air balloon ride, you understand and acknowledge that you are representing to Hot Air Balloonatics LLC, its Crew, and other passengers, that you and all others from your same household/party are free of any known COVID-19 symptoms, including those listed above.  To the extent possible, you and your party agree to wear a face covering or mask (please bring your own) unless otherwise advised by a health care provider, to maintain 6-foot distances from other individuals outside of your party, to use hand sanitizer as provided by the Crew prior to and after your flight, and to follow any other requested COVID-19 safe practices.  By showing up for your scheduled hot-air balloon ride, you further understand and acknowledge that if you or anyone from your household/party becomes ill with COVID-19, the virus could have been contracted sometime prior to, or after your hot-air balloon ride, and you therefore release Hot Air Balloonatics LLC, the Pilot, Crew and other passengers from any liability associated with contracting the virus. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hot-air Ballooning Terminology:

Basket = Gondola            

Balloon = Envelope         

Cold Inflation = Using a fan to inflate the envelope

Uprights = Four padded poles connecting the basket to the envelope

Ballooning Precautions: Hot-air ballooning is a safe sport, but it does have potential safety risks.  If you have safety concerns or feel uncomfortable about taking the flight, discuss this with the Pilot prior to your hot-air balloon ride. 

Cold Inflation: Please be aware the inflation fan can be dangerous.  Stay behind the fan and maintain a safe distance while it is in operation.  During the cold inflation process, the fan will blow dirt and debris into the envelope while it is spread out on the ground and as it rises, dirt and debris will fall out.  Protect your eyes from falling dirt and debris during this step.

Boarding the Balloon: Once the envelope is upright and stabilized, you will be asked to enter the basket; you can climb in by using the steps on the sides of the basket.  There’s no way to gracefully enter the basket.  (All crew members have taken an oath not to laugh or tease you about your graceful/ungraceful entrance.)  Once inside the basket, do not grab the burners or control lines; you can hold on to the blue padded uprights. 

Landing: As we make our approach for landing, you will need to face the direction of travel, slightly bend your knees, and hold on securely with both hands to an upright or the black rope handles inside the basket.  Typically the Pilot will brief you again on landing procedures prior to the actual landing.

Once the balloon has come to a stop, the Pilot will advise you when it is safe to exit the basket.  Do not exit the basket without the Pilot’s permission.

Other Useful Information:  Beverages, cameras, and cell phones are allowed on your flight, but please be aware that if we experience a high wind landing, your camera or cell phone could be damaged.  In addition, if you have a camera swinging from a neck strap, it may cause injuries to you, the Pilot, or other passengers.  

If you would like the Crew to take your picture with your cell phone or camera before liftoff, they will be happy to do that.  In addition, we take pictures of most flights and post them on our website or Instagram within a week or so.  The images are available to you at no additional charge.  If you don’t want your picture posted on the internet, please let us know part prior to your flight. 

We have never hit a power line, however, in the event of a power line strike, do not jump or exit from the basket until advised to do so by the Pilot or power company representative.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We have a reputation for being safe and conservative.  Our Pilots understand that weather can change in a moment and they as Pilots have the option and authority to cancel flights at the last minute because of weather or safety concerns.

We believe it is better to air on the side of caution than to risk injury to our guests!

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