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Breakfast Place:

Wecks: Get wild and try Buzz's favorite, Zia Pancakes!

"Hole In the Wall" Breakfast:

 Rincon Del Pollo, you gotta search this place out, but you get a taste of old style New Mexican food and service.

Balloonist's Favorite Breakfast Meal:

The Vaquero at Vick's Cafe.  Careful, they sell it as a meal but it really will feed two of the Crew!

Best Mexican Dinner:

Sadies.  Big portions, great food and drink.  The salsa can set off fire alarms.  Be ready to cool off with a Happy Hour Margarita!  

Best Mexican Meal in Old Town:

Church Street Cafe.  Love the red chile carne adovada.  Tasty and tender.

Best Bischochito In Albuquerque:

Celina's Bischochitos.  If you want a traditional cookie the way Gramma used to make them, these are the best.  

Best Margarita (Tie)

El Pinto.  Great margaritas and amazing bar.  El Pinto is a "tourist place".  Tons of personality and great food.  It's often crowded so you need reservations,  but you can sneak in and order at the bar.

Sadies.  Where the locals go for a great Margarita and lots of fun!)

Best Shop For Albuquerque "Trinkets":

The Old Town Basket Shop.  Inexpensive and lots of fun things to buy for friends to prove you really come to Albuquerque.  

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