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Our Reviews:

Buzz is an excellent pilot and operates the balloon very safely and has a great personality!

The ride was very enjoyable, intimate and felt very personalized. Buzz has great stories and is an

experienced pilot. You won’t regret taking to the skies in the Morning Magic with Buzz and his crew.

“Zeb” (Air B&B Experience)

Buzz worked with our schedule and his crew was amazing def will come back!! Mai (Air B&B Experience)

AMAZING! Celebrated a big birthday by taking this balloon ride! What an absolute perfect experience

I had. Buzz, his wife Kari and the team we’re all so nice. They even sang “Happy Birthday” in the best lyrical

version I have ever heard! It’s always the people that make up the best part of an adventure like this.

These are good people!! You will not be disappointed! I recommend taking a balloon ride with Buzz and

his team. I will be returning with my loved ones to ABQ and ballooning with Buzz. Dan (Air B&B Experience)

Our Hot Air Balloon getting ready for a hot air balloon ride in Albuquerque
inside 1.jpeg


Everything was PERFECT!!! I am privileged to have had the pleasure to meet you all. I had the best experience! I will remember it always.  I will be back with my family to do it again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Dan” (Air B&B Experience)

It’s truly floating. Buzz and his wife are professional, kind, and fun. Can’t wait to take another trip with them. “Dawn” (Air B&B Experience)

This hot air balloon ride was the highlight of my trip to Santa Fe! Buzz and his team are wonderful and were super accommodating to everyone in my group. We highly recommend this! “Catalina” (Air B&B Experience)

I would rate this higher than 5 stars if I could. Buzz was very approachable and had great communication. He was very professional with over 19 years of experience. He made the flight entertaining by sharing knowledge about ABQ, air balloons, and also tips on how to get the best pictures. At the end of the flight we had a toast with champagne and he invited us to lunch with his crew. Great people! “AK” (Groupon)

Buzz and his crew made the engagement I had planned go as smoothly as possible, definitely a day to remember with their help!! LS (Groupon)

My girlfriend and I had an amazing time. The pilot is skilled, informative, and pleasant. The crew is friendly, and fast. We were in a small group which made it more intimate. I have nothing but praise for Buzz and his team. Balloonatics is all around a class act. Thanks for helping me to make a special lady’s birthday unforgettable. “CD” (Groupon)

Highly highly recommend Buzz and his crew for hot air balloon flights!! It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to do it again. They do a great job of not only making the ride feel safe but also allowing you to be involved with the entire process for set up and packing up!! “AJ” (Groupon)

Such an amazing experience with an amazing staff! Buzz (light year) &his wife, Kari were wonderful, they really made our entire trip to Albuquerque worth it. I’m so happy we decided to go with their company and not one of the bigger ones-they do not over stuff the basket, like some of the other companies I read about. It was just us! Extremely accommodating and friendly! Highly recommended “S” (Groupon)


This was a great experience and definitely would recommend. Buzz and the crew were all very friendly and welcoming. We took part of the assembly and pack up and learned so much about ballooning. Buzz was a great pilot and made the flight relaxing and entertaining. The post flight ceremony with champagne toast was a great way to wrap up the experience. “JL” (Groupon)


This was by far the best experience. From booking to the champagne toast, Buzz and his crew were all amazing. They all made sure we knew what they were doing and why. Invited us to take part in the assembly if we wanted to. My husband has fear of heights all the crew members made sure he was comfortable. Best wedding anniversary memory. Thank you Buzz. We will meet again “A” (Groupon)

My flight with Buzz and his crew was absolutely amazing!! The pilot is skilled, friendly and entertaining and his crew made sure everything was going as planned. I felt safe the whole trip and enjoyed the amazing view from the balloon. Buzz and his crew sure know how to make a balloon ride even more special and unforgettable than it already is! Thank you!! – “Claudia” (Trip Advisor)

Buzz, Kari, Phillip and PJ are such pleasant hosts. We met them in Albuquerque to ride. We were unable to go up but the experience anyway was incredible. I am from Albuquerque and Buzz is the only pilot I will fly with it. “Carol” Trip (Advisor)

Buzz, Kari, Phillip and Pj were just fabulous. I highly recommended this experience crew. Safety is there #1 priority. Their home is out of Albuquerque!! “JBSCO” (Trip Advisor)

Note: In the spirit of honesty, we had a poor review on Trip Advisor because of an infection in the Pilots ear. The infection resulted in a last minute cancellation and a very upset Guest. However, the FAA has strict regulations about a pilot flying with medical issues and the risk of creating an unsafe flight for the passengers. While we want to have great reviews every time, our main priority is that you have a safe and enjoyable ride. Hot Air Balloonatics LLC

We had a marvelous time floating through the sky with our pilot, Buzz!  He, and the entire crew, were professional, friendly, detail oriented, and made sure we had the best experience!  We did!  Beautiful scenic views, including the Rio Grande!  A very smooth touchdown in a golf course where we were treated to very delicious champagne and equally delicious biscochitos!  Everything was made official with our certificates and pinning!  I would highly recommend this company. Buzz has been a realtor in the area and has flown hot air balloons for over 20 years. He was very knowledgeable about the area and ballooning.  We felt very comfortable and safe the entire trip!!!  Thank you VERY much! “Sheree” (Yelp)

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